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      所屬專題:初中英語語法知識  來源:滬江中學學科網    要點:初一英語語法  
      編輯點評: 語法是英語的基礎,要想提高自己的英語能力,語法這關一定要過,平時多聽多看、注意理解、勤練習是一定能把語法攻克的。本文為大家提供了涉及初一英語語法的練習題及答案供同學們練習。


      ( ) 1 -Have you got some water to drink?
      -Here you are. There___ still some in the bottle.
      A. are B. were C. is D. was
      ( ) 2 _____ there many American friends in the school last Friday?
      A. Is B. Was C. Are D. Were
      ( ) 3 There ____ a great many accidents last year.
      A. were B. are C. is D. was
      ( ) 4 -How many children ____ in the picture?
      A. has there B. is there C. have there D. are there
      ( ) 1 In 1850, about a third of U. S. A___ covered by forests.
      A. were B. has been C. / D. was
      ( ) 2 Most of our earth____ covered by water.
      A. are B. is C. was D. were
      ( ) 3 Sunday ____ the first day of the week.
      A. is B. are C. am D. be
      ( ) 4 Neither___right.
      A. answers are B. answers aren't C. answer is D. answer isn't
      ( ) 1 The population of the world ____ still ____ now.
      A. has; grown B. will; grow C. is; growing D. is grown
      ( ) 2 There ____ many people running in the park every morning.
      A. is B. were C. are D. have
      ( ) 3 These police often___the children across the street.
      A. help B. helps C. helping D. is helping
      ( ) 1 ___ going to England by air next week.
      A. The Green family are B. The Greens family are
      C. The Green's family are D. Green family are
      ( ) 2 The whole family ____ enjoying the beautiful music now.
      A. is all B. all is C. all are D. are all
      ( ) 3 Our class ___ big.
      A. is B. are C. were D. will
      ( ) 1 Neither he nor I ____ from Canada. We are from Australia.
      A. is B. are C. am D. be
      ( ) 2 Either you or he ____ right.
      A. are B. is C. does D. were
      ( ) 3 Neither Mary nor her brother____ good at singing.
      A. is B. are C. is not D. are not
      ( ) 4 Not only Tom but also Alice and Mary ____ busy.
      A. is B. was C. are D. has
      ( ) 1 Physics ___ interesting to us.
      A. are B. has C. is D. were
      ( ) 2 The news____ exciting. We got excited at it.
      A. is B. was C. were D. are
      ( ) 3 Though mathematics____ hard, we all work at it hard.
      A. are B. were C. was D. is