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      所屬專題:初二英語試卷  來源:滬江中學學科網    要點:初二英語試卷  
      編輯點評: 詞匯量對于英語學習是很重要的,所以平時一定要注意詞匯量的積累,最好用個筆記本隨時記下不懂的單詞,然后查出來記住,當然,也要分清什么單詞是常用,什么單詞只用了解即可,還有就是語法了,完型也考語法的,不知道你語法怎么樣,如果不好的話,也要強攻一下語法。
      一. Choose the best answer.
      1. —— What is_______ food in China?
      A. most popular            B. popularest 
      C. the most popular         D. the popularest
      2. The English teacher asked ________ to go to his office.
      A.I, Jim and Kate            B. Jim, Kate and I 
      C. Jim, Kate and me          D. me, Jim and Kate
      3. —— Betty goes to the cinema once a month.
      —— ________.
      A. So I do        B. So do I    C. Do I so         D. I do so
      4. Congratulations ________ you all ________ your success.
      A. to; on     B. for; to        C. to; to       D. for; on
      5. —— What’s the matter?
      —— _______.
      A. That’s all right            B. I have got a pen
      C. I have got a cold           D. It doesn’t look well
      6. —— What would you like to drink, girls?
      —— _______, please.
      A. Two cup of coffee         B. Two cups of coffees 
      C. Two cups of coffee         D. Two cup of coffees
      7. What’s _______ way of saying TV? 
      A. other      B. others      C. the other           D. another
      8. —— Will your mother_______ you if you ______ the English exam?
      —— Of course not. Because I’m trying my best.
      A. be angry with, don’t pass 
      B. be angry with, won’t pass
      C. be angry to; don’t pass 
      D. be angry to; won’t pass
      9. He asked me________.
      A. what did it mean           B. what it means 
      C. what does it mean          D. what it meant
      10. —— May I_______ your Chinese-English dictionary?
      ??—— Sorry. I_______ it at home.
      A. borrow, forgot          B. lend, left 
      C. lend, forgot            D. borrow, left
      11. Each of us has to write a_______ composition every two weeks.
      A. two-hundred-word          B. two-hundreds-word 
      C. two-hundred-words         D. two-hundreds-words
      12. —— There is a ticket on the floor, is it your?
      ??—— Oh, yes, it’s mine.
      ??????????—— Let me______ for you.
      A. to pick up it         B. to pick it up  
      C. pick up it             D. pick it up
      13. —— Is the physics problem ________?
      ??—— Yes, I can work it out_______.
      A. easy, easily          B. easy, easy 
      C. easily, easy          D. easily, easily
      14. ——It’s really nice of you. Thank you very much.
      A. I’m very pleased         B. Don’t mention it 
      C. Don’t say so               D. It doesn’t matter
      15. She________ when I went to see her yesterday evening. 
      A. was watching a novel         B. was reading a novel 
      C. will read a novel           D. watches a novel
      16. —— What do you think of a war, Lin Tao?
      ?    —— I’ve no idea. But it’s a fact that _______people had to leave their hometown during the war on Iraq.
      A. three thousands           B. thousand of 
      C. thousands of             D. several thousands
      二. Cloze test 
      Linda Evans was a famous writer of children’s stories. She lived in a fine old house in Devon. Usually she worked at home, in her quiet study(書房). Long before(不久)her books became popular, she had tried to teach___1__how to use a computer, and now she typed(打字)all her stories on her Apple Mac Computer. But sometimes she had to ___2__the house to get some books from the library or have a meeting. She didn’t like being ___3____, because she was very __4____about burglars(盜賊). So she was very _ 5   . Just before leaving, she always put a full cup of coffee on the kitchen table, and left the radio _ 6  , to make a burglar think there was _ 7  at home.
      One day she came back after a day out, and saw at _ 8  _ that someone had been there. There was only a little coffee _ 9   in the cup, and the radio was off. But when she looked at her computer, she saw it was _ 10    , and someone had typed in a new story. She had no   11  who had got in, or how, because none of the doors or windows were _ 12  . But she sat down to read the story, and it was a very good one . “ I’ll use it in my next book!” she said _  13   .
      The next month she had to go to London. She put a pot(壺)of coffee and a plate of sandwiches on the table. When she returned, the coffee and sandwiches had ___14___ . She ran to the computer. This time there was only a __15__on the screen. “ IT’S NOT YOUR STORY. IT’S MINE! ”it said.
      1. A. the students B. herself   C. the burglar     D. her children
      2. A. mend         B. move C. leave             D. buy
      3. A. alone         B. noisy   C. away             D. back 
      4. A. tired         B. worried     C. pleased         D. interested
      5. A. careful       B. safe   C. afraid             D. polite
      6. A. listening       B. singing   C. speaking         D. playing
      7. A. nobody       B. someone     C. anyone         D. everyone
      8. A. once         B. noon     C. time             D. moment
      9. A. flown         B. drunk   C. made             D. left
      10. A. on         B. off       C. in               D. out
      11. A. luck       B. way     C. idea             D. excuse
      12. A. new       B. modern   C. closed           D. broken
      13. A. carefully     B. happily   C. slowly           D. badly
      14. A. brought       B. used     C. gone             D. eaten
      15. A. message     B. paper   C. story             D. line
      三. Reading
      The Chinese New Year is now known as the Spring Festival because it starts from the beginning of spring. Though there are some sayings about its origin(起源), all agree that the word Nian , which in modern Chinese means “ year ” , was originally the name of a beast(野獸)that started to eat people the night before the beginning of a new year.
      One story goes that the beast Nian had a very big mouth that would eat a great many people at one time. People were very afraid. One day, an old man came to their help and said he would stop all this. To Nian he said, “I hear that you are very strong, but can you eat up all the beasts on earth instead of people who are too weak to be your enemy(敵人)? ” “ Yes , ” Nian agreed with him and went to kill many of the beasts on earth. People were very happy because those beasts also did bad things to people and killed their farm animals from time to time.
      After that, the old man, who was a god(神), rode on the beast Nian and left. Nian was gone, and other beasts also went into forests; people began to enjoy their happy life. Before the old man left, he had told people to put up red paper-cuts on their windows and doors at each year’s end to drive Nian away, because red is the colour the beast felt most afraid of.
      From then on, every year at the beginning of spring, people “ Guo Nian ”. The word “ Guo Nian ” means “ Go through the Nian safely ”. Putting up red paper-cuts to drive Nian away and making dumplings for a better new year are still an every-year doing by the Chinese people. However(但是), people today have long forgotten why they are doing all this, they just feel that the colour and the food make the New Year very enjoyable.
      1. How did the old man stop Nian from eating people?
      A. By putting red paper-cuts on windows.
      B. By eating up beasts. 
      C. By talking to him.
      D. By riding on him.
      2. Why did people put up red paper-cuts instead of those of any other colours?
      A. Because Nian liked the colour red.
      B. Because the colour red could kill Nian .
      C. Because the old man liked the colour red.
      D. Because Nian was afraid of the colour red.
      3. The best title of this passage is ________.
      A. The Origin of the Chinese New Year
      B. The Old Man and the Beast Nian
      C. How to Go through the Nian Safely
      D. What Nian Was Like
      4. Which of the following is TRUE?
      A. Nian can eat up all the beasts on earth at one time.
      B. Nian is a tall beast that likes to eat farm animals
      C. Nian is afraid of paper-cuts. 
      D. Nian doesn’t like to use his own mind.
      When you are learning English, you find it not clever to put an English sentence, word for word, into your own language. Take the sentence “How do you do?” as an example. If you look up each word in the dictionary, one at a time, what is your translation(翻譯)? It must be a wrong sentence in your own language.
      Languages do not just have different sounds, they are different in many ways. It’s important to master(掌握)the rules(規則)for word order in the study of English, too. If the speakers put words in a wrong order, the listener can’t understand the speaker’s sentence easily. Sometimes when the order of words in an English sentence is changed, the meaning of the sentence changes . But sometimes the order is changed, the meaning of the sentence doesn’t change. Let’s see the difference between the two pairs of sentences.
      “ She only likes apples.” “Only she likes apples.”
      “I have seen the film already .” “ I have already seen the film.”
      When you are learning English, you must do your best to get the spirit(精神實質)of the language and use it as the English speaker does.
      1. From the passage we know that______ when we are learning English.
      A. we shouldn’t put every word into our own language
      B. we should look up every word in the dictionary
      C. we need to put every word into our own language
      D. we must read word by word
      2. The writer thinks it is _______ in learning English.
      A. difficult to understand different sounds.
      B. possible to remember the rules in different ways
      C. important to master the rules in different ways 
      D. easy to master the rules for word order.
      3. We can learn from the passage that_______ .
      A. the meaning of an English sentence always changes with the order of the words 
      B. the order of words can never change the meaning of an English sentence
      C. sometimes different order of words has a different meaning
      D. if the order of words is different, the meaning of the sentence must be different
      4. Which is the best title for this passage?
      A. Different Orders, Different Meanings
      B. How to Speak English
      C. How to Put English into Our Own Languages
      D. How to Learn English
      四. Complete the dialogue
      Li Fen: Excuse me. ___1_____
      Mrs. Green: Yes. And you are …?
      Li Fen: I’m Li Fen. Your friend Miss Wu is busy at the moment. She asks me to meet you. Welcome to Guilin , Mrs. Green.
      Mrs. Green: Thank you.
      Li Fen:   2  
      Mrs. Green: No. This is my second time. I came here in 1998 for the first time.
      Li Fen:_____3_____
      Mrs. Green: I like it very much. It’s very beautiful and famous in the world. And the people here are quite friendly.______4____
      Li Fen: I’m glad you like the city. And now Guilin is becoming more and more beautiful_ 5     
      Mrs. Green: I think so. Thank you very much for meeting me.
      Li Fen: It’s a pleasure.
      A. I’m glad to see you.
      B. How do you like the city?
      C. I’m sure you’ll have a good time.
      D. Are you Mrs. Green from Australia?
      E. Is this your first visit to Guilin?
      F. It’s a nice place to visit.
      G. Would you like to visit Guilin ?
      五. Fill in the blanks with proper words
      1. She could buy______(she)a lot of things.
      2. If it______(not rain)tomorrow, I_______(go)out on my bike. I ______(buy)it last week.
      3. Please don’t come in. We_______(have)a meeting. The meeting ______(be)over in half an hour.
      4. The Greens live in the __________(south)of the USA.
      5. The Greens live in the _______(south)part of the USA.
      6. I’m sorry I______(not know)you were asleep.
      7. Miss Green took her students______(visit)China last year.
      8. Tell him_______(not wait)for me at the park gate.
      9. What makes you______(think)so?
      10. The girl is five. Let her________(do)this by______(she).
      六. Finish off the sentences.
      1.The apples on that tree are not difficult to reach .
      _______ easy _______ reach the apples on that tree .
      2. Ji Wei sings best in our class .
      Ji Wei sings _______ than any of the ______ students in our class .
      3. He isn’t busy , I think .
      I ______ ______ he is busy .
      4. What do you want me to do? 
      What ______ you ______ me to do? 
      5. The boys had a good time at the party .
      The boys ______ ______ at the party .
      七. 書面表達:
      Miss Gao 上周五因一起意外事故從自行車上摔下折斷胳膊而住院。今天(星期天)上午你和班上幾名同學一起打的,帶上鮮花和水果到醫院看望她,并祝她早日康復。你們告訴Miss Gao在期末考試中你們發揮很出色,取得優異成績,她很高興,同時,祝愿你們暑假生活愉快,并希望你們再接再勵,努力學習,你們交談一個小時后離開醫院。
      參考詞匯:accident, hospital, glad, do well in, enjoy, keep on doing, hope, talk, get well
      Sunday       June 30th        2003     Fine
      1. C    popular 是多音節形容詞,最高級為the most popular
      2. C    ask 后邊用賓格,習慣把自己放在最后
      3. B    so +謂+主表示與前句存在同樣現象
      4. A    congratulation to sb on sth 在某方面祝賀某人
      5. C    回答我感冒了。
      6. C    coffee 為不可數名詞, 因此兩杯用two cups of coffee.
      7. D    another way of saying sth 表示表達某事的另外的方式
      8. A    be angry with sb 生某人的氣    if 引導從句用主將從現
      9. D    賓語從句主從句時態一致,并且從句不出現助動詞。
      10. D   borrow 表示找別人借,leave sth at home 表示把某樣東西落在家了
      11. A   two-hundred- word 是復合定語形式。
      12. D   let sb do sth 
      13. A   easy 詞性是形容詞,easily 是副詞
      14. B   Don’t mention it.表示別客氣。
      15. B   when 引導的時間狀語從句,主句用過去進行時。
      16. C   thousands of 數以千記的
      1—5 BCCBA    6—10 DBADA      11—15 CDBCA
      1—4 CDAD
      1—4 ACCD
      1—5 DEBFC
      1.herself     2. doesn’t rain ; will go ; bought    3. are having  will be
      4. south     ?5. southern       6. didn’t know     7. to visit    8.not to wait 
      9. think     10. do, herself
      1. It’s   to     2. better   other     3. don’t think      4. do ask
      5. enjoyed themselves
      Sunday     June 30th , 2003      Fine
      Last Friday, Miss Gao had an accident. She fell off her bike and broke her arm. So she had to go to hospital. This morning, I went to see her with my classmates. We got there by taxi and took some fruits and flowers. All of us wished her to get better soon. We told Miss Gao that we all did well in the examination. we got a very good result. She was very glad when she heard that then she hoped that we could have a happy summer holiday and keep on studying . After one hour’s talking we left the hospital.





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