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      所屬專題:初二英語試卷  來源:滬江中學學科網    要點:初二英語試卷  
      編輯點評: 英語中一定有一些你理解的很透并且已經掌握了的單詞或句型,你可以靈活自如地使用它們來交際。這些熟練掌握了的詞和句型一定是你重復過無數遍的,要做到聽、說、讀、背、想即耳聽、眼到、口說、心記、手寫,這些被重復的東西已經變成了你的一部分,因此你能把它們運用自如了。

      (   )16 ---_____________________?         ---She is tall and thin.
       A. What’s Mrs Brown like         B. What does Mrs Brown have
      C. What does Mrs Brown like      D. What does Mrs Brown look like
      (   )17-What was Mum doing at 8 o’clock this morning? -She ____ some clothes.
      A. washes      B. is washing   C. washed   D. was washing
      (   )18. —Excuse me, is there a post office near here?
      —Yes. Go straight ahead and turn     .It is       .
      A.left, left    B. left, on the left  C. on the left, left  D. left, to the left
      (   )19. —What do people do with the animals ?
      -Some people help the animals live in peace, but many people decide    about it.
      A. to think    B. not to think     C.to not think     D. thinking
      (   )20. —How nice the coffee      !      —Would you like some?
      A. looks       B. sounds           C. feels          D. smells  
      (   )21.—It is easy           English well.    —I don’t think so.     
      A. to learn    B. learning        C. to learning     D. learn
      (    )22.—Where is Tom ?        —He has      to Beijing.
      A. be          B. is              C. been            D. gone   
      (   )23.—How long have you lived here?  —I have lived here        six years.
      A. since         B. before          C. in        D. for      
      (   )24.—Must I ____ my camera, Lily?
      -- No ,you _____. Don’t worry. I’ll take one myself.
      A. to take  must   B.  take  needn’t  C. to bring needn’t  D. bring mustn’t
      (   )25. I can’t wait ____ my grandparents because I haven’t seen them for five years.
      A. meet          B. to meet      C. meeting     D. met
      (   )26--Look! There is a lot of ___ on the ground.
      –- Wow! The ground is all white and it’s so beautiful.
      A. rain        B. showers       C. winds    D. snow
      (   )27.—Why not ________ school ?        — Good idea!        
      A. walking to    B. walks to    C. walk to        D. walked to
      (   )28. -- Was there           in their village last Friday evening.
      --- Yes, Lingling told me yesterday.
       A. anything  strange      B. strange  anything 
      C. strange  something     D. something strange
      (   )29.—You _________ play here, children. It’s dangerous.    —OK.
      A. won’t        B. may not     C. don’t have to  D. mustn’t
      (   )30. --Oliver's never climbed the Great Wall,    ?
      --- Really? So we can go together next time.
         A. has he          B. hasn’t he       C. does he       D. doesn't he
          My son Joey was born with club feet(畸形腳)*. The doctors said that with treatment(治療) he could walk, but would never run very well .He   31 the first three years of his life in hospital. By the time he was eight, you wouldn’t know he has a problem when you saw him  32   .
      Children in our neighbourhood always ran around 33    their play, and Joey would jump and run and play,  34   . We never told him that he wouldn’t probably   35    like the other children. So he didn’t know.
      In   36    grade he decided to join the school running team. Every day he trained(訓練). He ran more than any of the others,   37   only the top seven runners would be chosen to run for the   38     . We didn’t tell him he would probably never be in the team, so he didn’t know.
      He ran four to five miles every day — even when he had a fever(發燒). I was   39   , so I went to   40   him after school. I found him running 41     . I asked him how he felt. “Okay,” he said. He has two more miles to go. Yet he looked straight ahead and kept   42  .
      Two weeks later, the names of the team   43   were caked(公布). Joey’s name  44  on the list. He was number six on the list. He was in seventh grade — the other six team members were all eighth graders. We never told him he couldn’t do it … so he didn’t know. He just   45 part in it.
      (   )31 A. spent        B. taken            C. cost            D. paid
      (   )32 A. talk            B. sit            C. study            D. walk
      (   )33 A. after            B. before        C. during        D. till
      (   )34 A. either        B. too            C. though        D. yet
      (   )35 A. run            B. play            C. jump            D. walk
      (   )36 A. sixth        B. seventh        C. eighth        D. ninth
      (   )37 A. so            B. if            C. then            D. because
      (   )38 A. neighborhood  B. family        C. school        D. grade
      (   )39 A. excited            B. tired            C. pleased     D. worried
      (   )40 A. think about        B. hear from        C. agree with    D. look for
      (   )41 A. alone            B. away            C. almost        D. already
      (   )42 A. riding            B. walking        C. playing    D. running
      (   )43 A. jumpers        B. runners        C. doctors        D. teachers
      (   )44 A. got            B. kept            C. was            D. found
      (   )45 A. did            B. had            C. left            D. took
      TV  Programs       
      Channel 1    Channel 2       
      18:00  Around China
      18:30  Children’s program
      19:00  News
      19:30  Weather Report
      19:40  Around the world  
      20:10  TV play: Sisters
      21:00  English for today
      21:15  Popular music
      21:55  Talk show    17:45  Computer today
      18:00  Foreign arts
      18:30  English classroom
      19:00  Animal world
      19:25  China 2004
      20:20  Sports
      21:00  TV play: Guo Lanying
      21:45  English news
      22:05  On TV next week    
      (  )46.You are a basketball fan. You watch TV at _________.
      A. 19.00 on Channel 1or 2           B. 19:40 on Channel 1
      C. 20:20 on Channel 2               D. 21:15 on Channel 1
      (   )47. How long does the TV play “Sisters” last ?
      A. 30 minutes.  B. 50 minutes       C. 90 minutes .   D. 100 minutes .
      (   )48. Which one of the following is NOT right ?
      A. You can watch TV play only on Channel 1.  
      B. You can watch Children’s program at 18:30 .
      C. You can know a lot of animals from the Animal World program .
      D. The Computer Today program is on Channel 2.
      One day Bob took two of his friends into the mountains. They put up their tents(帳篷)and then rode to a forest to see how the trees were growing.
      In the afternoon when they were about ten kilometers away from their camp, it started to snow. More and more snow fell. Soon Bob could hardly see his hand before his face. He could not find the road! Bob knew there were two roads. One road went to the camp, and the other went to his house. But all was white now. Everything was the same. How could he take his friends back to the camp?
      Bob had an idea. The horses! Let the horses take them back! But what would happen if the horses took the road to his house? That would be a trip of thirty-five kilometers in such cold weather!
      It was getting late. They rode on and on. At last the horses stopped. Where were they? None of them could tell. John looked around. What was that under the tree? It was one of their tents!
      (   )49.John and his two friends went to the forest                .            
       A. to find their way home      B. to build their camp
       C. to see the trees            D. to see the mountains in the snow
      (   )50.They could hardly find their way back because          .
      A. there was not any roads in the mountains      
      B. everything was covered by snow
       C. they couldn’t decide which of the two roads went to their tents
      D. there was only one road to their camp
      (   )51.It is clear that they wanted the horses to take them to              .
         A. the forests  B. the mountains  C. the camp D. John’s house
      (   )52.The horses stopped because                .
      A. they were tired after running for a long time  B. it was getting late
       C. they saw the trees           D. they knew that they had got to the camp
      Jimmy and Tommy were good friends. They were in the same class in a school. Tommy was a clever boy . He could answer questions cleverly in class . He was quick at thinking. It seemed that everything was easy to him. He never seemed to work hard. He spent much of his time on football or other games.
      Jimmy was not so clever as Tommy . He was slow in his work. But he was hard- working . He worked hard and steadily (扎實地) at his lessons day after day.
      In the final exam of the term, everyone thought Tommy would be the first in the class. But it was wrong . The slow but hard-working Jimmy got the first place.
      Although(雖然) Tommy was quick and clever, he did not work hard, so he could not get the first. Jimmy was just different. He was slow but hard-working. So he did well in his lessons.
      The story tells us that one can’t only depend on one’s cleverness. One still has to work hard and steadily at one’s own subjects or work.
      (    ) 53 He was quick at thinking. “ Thinking ” here means “_____”
      A.    思維    B 思想    C  想法    D 考慮
      (    ) 54. Tommy was  _______ than Jimmy
      A.  clever  B  as clever as  C.  slower   D. cleverer.
      (    ) 55. Why didn’t Tommy get the first in class.?
      A. Because he didn’t want to be the first  B. Because he didn’t study hard.
      C. Because he wasn’t clever           D.  Because he was slow in his thinking
      (    ) 56. From the story we know that______
      A. Students are  hard- working  
      B. Students are quick and clever at their thinking
      C .One can’t only depend on one’s cleverness.
      D .Students aren’t quick and clever at their thinking
      In the universe, as we know, there is the sun, the moon, the earth and many stars.  Through our geography lessons, we know the earth goes round the sun, and the moon goes round the earth. We have day and night because the earth keeps turning all the time. When our part of the earth turns to the sun, it is day. When our part of the earth turns away from the sun, it is night.
      Just because the moon is closer to the earth than the sun, it looks much bigger than the sun. Big things will look smaller when they are farther, and small things also look bigger when they are nearer.
       The sun is bright enough to give out very strong light. The moon can't give any light at all, but it looks quite bright, too. Why? In fact, the light from the moon comes from the sun. The moon looks much bigger and brighter than the stars. But actually (事實上)the stars are much bigger and brighter than the moon. They look smaller than the moon also because they are farther away from the earth.
      There are still many other planets in the universe. All of them move round the sun. But of all these planets, only on the earth there are living things and people can only live on the earth, too. But at 9:00 a. m, on October 15th ,2003, Chinese pilot(飛行員)Yang Liwei was sent up to space. He stayed there for 21 hours. It was the first time for Chinese to get into space.
      (    )57. We find the sun_______ than the moon because it is_____ to us.
       A. bigger; farther   B. smaller; closer   C. bigger; closer   D. smaller; farther
      (    )58. When our part of the earth turns away from the sun, the other part of the earth is_______
      A. night     B. day       C. evening   D. Sunday
      (    )59. When did the pilot from our country return to the earth?
      A. On November 15th, 2002.    B. On October 16th, 2003.
       C. On May 5th, 2004.          D. On October 15th, 2003.
      (    .)60 Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
       A.  The moon goes round the earth, and it can't give out any light at all.
      B.  The moon goes round the sun, and its light is from the sun.
      C.  The earth moves round the moon, and people can live only on the earth.
      D.  Of all the planets, only the earth moves round the sun.
      五 任務型閱讀 ( 5分 )
      (     )61  Alice : I want to get some pictures of Fei  Junlong.
      (     )62  Kate : I want to get some Christmas presents online.
      (     )63  Tom: I need some information on pollution.
      (     )64  Harry : I would like to have some information about basketball.
      (     )65  Dick : I’ll go to America. I want to know the famous places and the weather there.
      www .NBA .com: The latest news about NBA
      www. Cnphoto.com: Pictures about news, famous people and so on.
      www. Worldpollution about different pollution
      www. FA.com.: Official Website of soccer in England.
      www. Amazom.com: Online shopping of books, DVDs, shoes…
      www. Crawfurd.dk/ travel: About traveling  around the world. the weather ,the people, the places of interest…
      六 詞匯綜合運用
      quiet    next to   symbol  play   protect    
      66. Liu Xiang is a ____________of China’s international sporting success.
      67. It’s important to __________the animals in danger.
      68- Where do you sit, Linda ? – I sit __________Jane. She is  just on my right.
      69. Michal Jordan is one of the most famous basketball ____________ in the world.
      70.You should listen to the teacher _________ in the class.
      Do you Know the word “brunch “? In the ____71_______(西方的)countries, many people like to have  brunch- a meal between breakfast and ______72______(午餐)。 People often have brunch between 10 am and 12 pm on _____73____(周日) because they prefer to get up _____74____ (遲的) than usual after a week’s hard or want to enjoy ______75____(吃) brunch with their parents ,or friends. That is a relaxing and interesting______76______(方式) of eating for most families.
      Today, brunch has become ______77_____ (受人歡迎的) in big hotels. One can even ask for  or cook it ______78_____(他自己)。 To make it better, people choose to have lots of dishes. You may ___79__(經常)see the following food on the table:  meat, eggs, _____80____(水果),vegetables , oranges juice, and tea. Do you have brunch at weekends? If not, why not have a try?
      七 書面表達
      Model  : You must wear your school uniforms(校服)。
      You mustn’t/can’t spit (吐痰) in the classroom.
      81. ___________________________________.
      82. ___________________________________.
      83. ____________________________________.
      84. ____________________________________.
      85. ____________________________________.
      B 你的網友Sally將于2010年2月10日來中國和你一起過春節。這是她第一次來中國,所以她對中國的春節的風俗知之甚少。請你給她發一封電子郵件,告訴她有關中國春節的風俗,簡單描述本地的天氣,并讓她帶上旅游的必需品。字數在80~100字左右。電子郵件的開頭和結尾已寫好。開頭和結尾不計入字數。
      Dear Sally,
      I am so excited that you will come for Spring Festival with me. Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China.                                                    





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